The three processes above and the reflections on them are coming from development after being part of Dutch Art Institute (DAI) 2014-2016.

By specifically exchanging with the community of students these two years in that particular environment has influenced the way of understanding art and its functions out of representational mechanisms of art context.

I warmly thank the following tutors, in no particular order: Marina Vishmidt, Jon Mikel Euba, Fernando García Dory, Susan Gibb, Ruth Noack, Sanne Oorthuizen, Doreen Mende, Kodwo Eshun Hypatia Vourloumis, the director of DAI, Gabrielle Schleijpen for allowing my practice to find the words, ground and methodologies of communicating to the public sphere. I also wish to thank the supporting team Rik Fernhout, Rebecca Sakoun, Margret Wibmer, Marjolein de Graaf, Ricardo Liong-A-Kong and Jacq van der Spek.

For further information of the visiblity of the works in art context please communicate in the following mail: