Message sent from TAKA TAKA to the dragqueen House of Hopelezz, Amsterdam, NL, 2015

Dear sisters and brothers,
The following message is ridiculously long and I promise to keep it short from now on but please I’ll be flattered if u read it when u have five minutes and even to react to it …
Lets start by stating the fact:
Today in Amsterdam we are privileged to have stages that we can show our creativity and we are recognized as drag queens, but today in Amsterdam more and more venues are using drag queens as glitter decoration and objectifying them as fuck,,, BASICALLY THEY JUST EXPLOIT OUR CREATIVITY WHICH MOSTLY COMES OUT OF GREAT INSECURITY ,,,enough is enough!!!
And is not only the fault of specific club owners, their goal is clear it is our responsibility as well!!
If we continue like this soon we will become just stupid smiley dolls for club owners and party organizers instead of sharing our message, we’re gonna loose any integrity of what we do as a statement!!!!
And we go from ‘ be who you wanna be’ (no matter your gender sexuality and race) to ‘be how the market wants u to be’…. seriously girl?
And because history always repeats itself it’s gonna happen again, what happened previously in the drag communities all over the world. Back then the public just got fed up with us, it was the moment in queer history when the drag queens lost any validity and became objects of satisfaction for the public eye - never forget that we comment on pop culture and consumerism, we don’t identify with it!!! And these times are coming again soon, that Capitalism is gonna grind us down and throw us up all over again…. as the neoliberal truth of “freedom” continues to use our creativity for profit, they want us all glittery but we got enough houses and queens doing this. Nothing wrong about it…I also love Ru Paul girls and I find them fantastic but this is fucking Amsterdam!! And we have the right to be kooky as hell and not follow the mainstream road of HOW TO MAKE IT but instead of creating the path of HOW TO FUCK IT UP and how to question the role of drag today!
We as House of Hopelezz are not obsessed with career based commercialized drag products, I hope, right?
We are the most ‘out of the box’ cultural producers in the queer drag scene in Netherlands and we have to stay like this,,, this is what we are known for,, we are not famous and we do not wanna be, we are infamous and we love to remain misfits…
Two years ago I entered the scene and specifically Blue where my character is mainly connected, and Gimme Moore, Vicki Leaks and Jennifer Hopelezz support me totally!!! Indeed I miss the family feeling.. but I feel this energy is there strongly still, and that gives me hope for the community today.
For me it’s clear if Blue ever dies, also Taka Taka dies as well becuz I’ve being born among you, with u and for u girls, and for me it’s a political position to not sell out my character to venues that do not share my vision. I am at Blue every week giving as much positive energy I have and some of u still come for the fun, and cuz u need it till the bone!!! But others come only when they have a show or when a small fee appears… and that’s totally cool but I heard that was quite different previously, in the House, as Vicki wrote…
And yet we need money, we need normal jobs in the morning and all..
but Hoerenbal is where all of this started and Blue is where all of this became a fact and sustains itself till today …
And if the Blue dies the House is dead itself cuz some of us we can not even enter other clubs cuz we are so kooky that they do not even know what to do with us, the commercial motherfuckers, that all they see in drag is more euros in their pockets….
Today it seems that mega events are the only times the House comes together!!
Events like Superball, Drag Queen Olympics, Milkshake, Valtifest .. and it is great to see our collective creativity under specific directions.
But we miss one point there, we miss each individual perspective and input.
We build INDIVIDUAL characters at Hoplezz and not commodities without personal qualities, we are not drag queen robots we are fragile and sensitive human beings with opinions and positions.
We are RICH characters and all of us are coming with a personal history from so many different countries, struggles and life stories and this is precisely what makes us special, not our new wig and an expensive color pallet from Backstage (definitely a good eye shadow is important though)!!!
From now on we decided with Jennifer that all the decisions for the mega events concerning what we do as a House are going to be taken collectively, by trying to take in account each of our individual qualities and creative input!!! And indeed it’s gonna be a hell of a job to talk to all of us together and is gonna be a long road with messy ideas and full of egos , but who else can be more messy on stage and embrace this except the Hopelezz family????
From now on we decided that at Blue from 22:00 to 23:30 we are gonna give to the girls of the house to try whatever they like besides the regular lip syncs of 1:30hr … me as creative director i prefer to spend the little budget on your ideas instead of stupid object decorations.
The creative frame is: PUBLIC PARTyCIPATION, as Blue used to have, think of ways to ENGAGE the public !!!
We as a house we are queens who do not care for the fucking stage but we are around and in the public!!!
Concerning the shows of 1:30hr from now we decide that the only artists who are not drag queens and willing to perform are the artists who understand our vision and only them, cuz it is not a theater, it is not a gallery it is just Blue and it is the base for the HOUSE and that’s it!! To be honest I prefer if a girl from the scene can take a small fee instead a motherfucker that he thinks that is the star of the night as happened some weeks ago!!
But please drop ideas for the regular shows as well, i love your lip sync acts but i want to see everybody evolving and blossoming even more with each show and i wanna see everybody questioning their character and tricks every time they perform, to question what i can add to this, instead of reproducing what is already there.
Among your ideas some workshops that i am planning to execute from September between 22-23:30hr focusing on each individual drag character beyond what the market wants: Because we've got years of experience and now is the time to teach each other what we have learnt, cuz drag is a continuous learning process and re-evaluation…
These workshops are for the girls of the house but everybody else as well is welcome to join…
-workshop for character orientation and empowerment, of individual characteristics
-workshop for pattern making
-workshop for catwalking
-misfits competition
- etc. (instructors or tutors of the workshops are going to be announced coming weeks)
-communal dinner every six weeks offered by Jenny for all the girls to discuss with celebrities guests from their experience and life trip what drag is etc,,but also discuss serious issues like gender rights which is still problematic in Dutch society and still very problematic how to talk about it…
-plus we’re gonna build a spinning wheel to spin people around when they get too serious!
Feel free to drop more ideas to this post or contact me and I’ll make sure that your voice will be heard and taken fully into account and we’re gonna use the most possibilities out of it!!!
We have the responsibility to shape the newer generations in Amsterdam by means of collectivity and solidarity !!! Becuz this is what Jenny envisioned years ago by bringing together, with no fucking exclusion, all the drag forms …and now is our turn to continue expanding the path that she opened for us, and becuz the mainstream glam queens even if they have a character they miss scratching themselves and having a personal story… for me as long as they have fun with it it’s great !!! (as Rachet very well put it in a personal message) And I love all of them that they got the guts to put themselves on stage but I’ll never gonna shave my chest as Snorella Mustachella said to me once..
Don't get me wrong, i love all the forms of drag as much they come from a true need and make each queen happy and not becuz this is HOT in the market right now…
Personally i started in the club as an artist and i became a drag thing, and now i am a drag thing aiming to go back to speak with artists, sociologists and art institutions by focusing to make our voice out there visible beyond our community,by studying queer theories and shit and i am not talking about putting us in galleries, that is happening already and is ridiculous .. but I am saying that the time is arriving when we will be recognized as cultural producers for the common public and artistic cultural sphere…and i have taken on this task personally!!!
My artistic research and my future academic years will be devoted to making our voice strong and our position recognized as relevant cultural producers…
We have to define and redefine our selves it is our duty to cross cultural references and break cultural borders.
My master thesis is dedicated this year to DRAG ACTIVISM, a very old word (1969) that first was used to describe Sylvia Rivera, an American drag queen and transgender activist!!
Rivera is the cofounder of the STREET TRANSVESTITE ACTION UNITED (STAR)
A group focused on helping young drag queens and trans women of color.
From my perspective today in The Netherlands scene, i cannot imagine a better girl portraying the role of Dragactivist as our mother Jennifer does every time that she opens her lovely beardy mouth!
And if all this sounds romantic oh well.. it is fucking romantic, but i am sure that some girls are going to help me to make this romanticism a reality!!!!! And definitely we are not gonna change the world with a wig and make- up that easy, but at least we can change the perspective of a few more people of what drag queens stand for.<
One more in the House of Hopelezz, one less with depression!!!
And maybe the time that a drag academy is about to start is close by… a drag academy dedicated to individual voices and NOT commercial products and this individual voice as much is staying true to ourselves indeed can make us a living without selling out our ideology, becuz it is our responsibility how to shape the market, but let’s start with the workshops and see if we are able to sustain in time such a complicated structure…(we are, I am sure!)
It is gonna be so beautiful and honest when customers who come early to Blue see developing in front of them our skills - that’s good quality entertainment today instead of only looking fierce on stage during the shows…
Our drag mother supports fully this vision spiritually and financially (and I am not the only girl in the scene has this urge, Snorella from the House of TRASH wants to see a Drag Academy blossoming as well). Right now i am willing to give all my energy to initiate this and generate the right frequencies in order to see it happening just for ourselves, all together for fuck sake!!
Things are gonna evolve as much we gonna continue believing that being Hopelezz is what gave us the reason to coexist! And please prove it with our physical presence whenever we get a free night Thursday !! Or every time that u got a sparkly idea in the day please contact me…
Whoever can identify with the thoughts above plz approach me!!! I need you girls at Blue and I need u all!!! Cuz society needs us right now before we gonna get fully exploited from the stupid system that we all live in, we can change things within and for this system, within the commercial but still staying marginal, not becuz we are smarter than other girls but becuz it’s the true necessity today in our community!! And i am aware that antagonism and bitch fights even exist in our HOUSE and i hate it! Plz let’s channel any negative energy into a positive synergy!
Taka Taka let’s collectively open our chakra!!!!!!